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  'Cichlasoma' pearsei  Rio Tulija, Mexico  Thorichthys socolofi


The Pease Aquatic Ecology Lab carries out research that is intended to improve conservation and management of aquatic resources.  Primarily, the research focus is on impacts of environmental change on stream fish assemblages.  These relationships are investigated by examining the functional structure of fish assemblages and influences of environmental factors at multiple scales.  We aim to study stream communities locally (in the southwestern U.S.) and internationally.



                       News:  Jessica East and Christopher Wilcut presenting at Desert Fishes Council conference in Arizona!

Jessica and Chris will be presenting their research on  Pecos River fish assemblages in Flagstaff, AZ in November. 


                         TTU Undergaduates: Are you interested in getting aquatic ecology and/or fisheries management research experience? 

                             Opportunities are available in the Pease lab to get hands-on experience in ecology and fisheries research.  Contact Dr. Pease ( for more information.