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Teaching at Texas Tech Fall 2020

Sociology of Globalization SOC-3357 D01 CRN 41926

Sociology of Globalization SOC-3357-D02 CRN 41927

Sociology of the Person SOC-4311-D01 CRN 35227

Sociology of the Person SOC-4311-D02 CRN 35228

Juvenile Delinquency SOC-4327-D01 CRN 36225

Juvenile Delinquency SOC-4327-D02 CRN 36226

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Professional Section


Schneider, Andreas. 2009. Ce-que les féministes pourraient apprendre de l’homme moderne. Lubbock, TX: SocioThought.

Schneider Andreas. 2007. The New Man: Overcoming the Dark Ages of Traditionalism and its Feminist Reaction. Texas: SocioThought.

While the description of manhood roots in critical social analysis (Weber …) and philosophy (Mead …), I kept this book accessible to everyone. With rich examples I describe the New Man: a curious and reflective human being who loves to be in an egalitarian relationship. This book is an extremely honest and hereby provocative investigation of contemporary masculinity.

Paperback 244 pages, ISBN 978-0-9793456-0-9


Book Chapters

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Schneider, Andreas. 2007 “Masculinity as a Reproduction of Traditionalism, Feminist Reaction, and Egalitarianism.” Chapter 7 in Reconstructing Postmodernism: Critical Debates. Powell, Jason and Tim Owen (eds). New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Journal Publications

Schneider, Andreas, 2018. “How Contextual Frames Normalize Submission.” Deviant Behavior, (Published online: 16 Dec 2018) DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2018.1556874

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Media Productions

Schneider, Andreas. 2019. (Presenter in Documentary) The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 3 Episode 9 "Holy Laws." National Geographic Channel Tuesday, April 9th, 9PM.

Schneider, Andreas. 2019. (Presenter in Documentary) The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 3 Episode 5 "Visions of God." National Geographic Channel Tuesday, March 19rd, 9 PM.

Schneider, Andreas. 2017. (Presenter in Documentary) The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 2 episode 1 "The Chosen One." National Geographic Channel. Monday, January 16th, 9PM.


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