Professor of History
Advisor, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Center
Texas Tech University





Member, Graduate Studies Committee, Spring 2020.

Chair, Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Committee for Stefano D'Amico and Patriica Pelley, 2019-2020.

Member, Promoiiion Committee, Barbara Hahn, 2019-2020

Chair, Peer Review Committee, Katie Moore, 2018-19.

Chair, Peer Review Committee, Richard Lutjens, 2017-18.

Member, Peer Review Committee, Patrick Scharfe, 2017-18.

Member, Peer Review Committee, Emily Skidmore, 2016-17.

Chair, Peer Review Committee, Matt Johnson, 2016-17.

 Member, Graduate Studies Committee, 2016-17.

Chair, Third Year Review Committee, Jacob Baum, 2015-16.

Undergraduate Studies Committee, 2014-15.

Member, Mark Stoll Promotion Committee, 2014-15

Member, Alan Barenberg Tenure and Promotion committee, 2014-15.

Chair, Peer Review Committee. Erin Legacey, 2014-15.

Chair, Ad Hoc Committee for the Review of the Western Civilization Course Cycle, 2012-13.

Member, Third Year Review Committee, Zach Brittsan, 2012-13.

Chair, Third Year Review Committee, Karlos Hill, 2011-12.

Chair, Peer Review Committee, Zach Brittsan, 2011-12.

Member, Peer Review Committee, Manu Vimalassery. 2012-13, 2011-12.

Member,  History Department Executive Committee, 2011-12, 2008-09, fall 2001, 1998-99, 1992-93.

Chair, Peer Review Committee, Laura Calkins, 2010-11.

Member, Peer Review Committee, Miguel Levario, 2010-2011.

Member, Tenure & Promotion Committee, Ron Milam 2009-10.

Chair, 19th/20th-Century Russia Search, 2008-2009.

Member, History Department Executive Committee, 2011-12; 2008-09, fall 2001, 1998-99, 1992-93.

Facilitator / Co-Facilitator, Ad Hoc Departmental Mentoring Group for Newer Faculty, 2006-, 1997-2001.

Chair, Review Committee, Miguel Levario, 2008-09.

Member, Third Year Review Committee, Cynthia Hahn.

Graduate Advisor, Acting Graduate Advisor, Summer and fall of 2007; Spring 2003, 2000-01.

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee, 2007-08, Spring 2003, 2000-01.

Chair, Tenure and Promotion Committee for Aliza Wong, 2007-08.

Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee, 2006.

Chair, 19th/20th-Century Germany, 19th/20th-Century Russia Searches, 2005-06.

Chair,  Stefano D’Amico tenure and promotion committee, 2005-06.

Chair, Donald Walker tenure and promotion committee, 2005-06.

Chair, Gary Forsythe Tenure and Promotion Committee, 2005-06.

Member, Audio-Visual Committee, 2005-06, 1983-84, 1981-82.

Chair, Gary Forsythe, Fifth-Year Evaluation Committee, 2004-05.

Chair, Donald Walker Promotion Committee, 2004-05.

Member, Edward Steinhart Promotion Committee, 2004-05.

Member, James Reckner Promotion Committee, 2004-05.

Chair, Third Year Review Committee, 2002-03.

Chair, Natural History Search Committee, 2002.

Chair, Electronic Media Committee, 2000-03

Member, Graduate Studies Committee, 2000-3, 1985-87.

Chair, Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Committee, 2001-02.

Member, Workload Committee, 2001-02.

Chair, Italian Search Committee, 2000-01.

Member, William Gray First-Year Review Committee.

Chair, Patricia Pelley Tenure and Promotion Committee, 2000-01.

Chair, Jorge Iber Fourth Year Review Committee, 2000-01.

Chair, Ancient European History Search Committee, 1999-2000.

Co-Chair (with Benjamin Newcomb), History Department Faculty Research Colloquium, 1998-2000.

Chair, Post-Tenure Review Committee, 1999-2000.

Member of the Mark Stoll Second Year Review Committee, 1999-2000.

Member of the Julie Willett Third Year Review Committee, 1999-2000.

Chair, Continental European History Search Committee, 1998-99.

Undergraduate Student Advisor, 1996-97.

Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee, 1996-97.

Faculty Sponsor, Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society), 1996-97, 1982-84.

Assistant Undergraduate Student Advisor, 1993-96.

Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee, 1993-96.

Chair, Library Committee, 1992-93, 1987-88.

Member, Search Committee for Contemporary Europe, 1991-92.

Member, Mark Friedburger Second Year Evaluation Committee, 1990-91.

Chair, Audio-Visual Committee, 1988-89, 1990-91.

Member, Camillo Martinez Third-Year Evaluation Committee, 1989-90.

Chair, Tenure and Promotion Committee for David Troyansky, 1988-89.

Member, Tenure and Promotion Committee for Paul Carlson, 1987-88.

Departmental Scribe, 1984-85.

Member, Library Committee, 1982-83.

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