Professor of History
Advisor, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Center
Texas Tech University





Undergraduate Courses: IS 1100 (Freshman Seminar); History 1300 (Western Civilization I); History 1301 (Western Civilization II); English 2301 (Integrated Honors); History 2301 (United States II); History 2301 Paired (joint classes with English 1302); History 3344 (Christianity); History 3345 (Birth of Europe); History 3346 (Age of Chivalry); History 3348 (Crusades); History 3399 (Directed Reading); History 4347 (Medieval Church); History 4370 (Great Cities); History 4397 (Directed Research); History 4398 (Senior Seminar). Honors 3301 (Honors Seminar in Humanities).

Graduate Courses: History 5308 (Historical Studies of Religion); History 5341 (Topics in Medieval History: specialized courses on chivalry, hagiography, medieval Italy, medieval Italian Church, medieval warfare, ecclesiastical reform, and "renaissances"); History 5366 (Religious Studies: specialized course on the medieval Church); History 6000 (Masters Thesis); History 6305 (Seminar in European History); History 7000 (Research); and History 8000 (Dissertation). Non-credit medieval Latin reading group. Medieval and Renaissance Studies 5301: Methods in Medieval and Renaissance History.

Teaching Awards:
        President's Academic Achievement Award, Texas Tech (2015).

        Faculty Distinguished Leadership Award, Texas Tech Parents' Association (2009).
        Professing Excellence Award, Success Center, Texas Tech Residence Life (2002).
        Zeta Iota Chapter (TTU) of Phi Alpha Theta, Outstanding Individual Faculty Member (1999).
        Founding Member, TTU Teaching Academy (1997-).
        TTU President's Excellence in Teaching Award (1995).
        TTU Moms' and Dads' Association Spencer A. Wells Outstanding Faculty Member Award (1988).

Dissertations Directed:
         Lane Sobehrad,
"The Past in Prologues: The Origins Form, and Function of Introductory Material in Medieval England." Dissertation, TTU, 2017.
         Shadia Mahmoud,
"The Development of Archaeological and Historical Museums in Egypt during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Imperialism, Nationalism, UNESCO Patronage and Egyptian Museology Today." Dissertation, TTU, 2012.
        Mohamed El-Moctar,
"The Crusades' Impact on Sunnī-Shī'a Relations." Dissertation, TTU, 2011.
        Judd H. Burton,
"Religion, Society, and Sacred Space at Banias:  A Religious History of Banias/Caesarea Philippi, 21 BC-AD 1635."  Dissertation, TTU, 2010.
        Donal Scott Buchanan,  “Questing for Order:  Medieval British Institutions and the Victorian Intellectual Press.”  Dissertation,  TTU. 2007.
        Patrick Henry Maille, “The Place of Magic in Christian Conversion from the First to the Fourth Century:  A Study in Popular Religion.”  Dissertation, TTU, 2005.

Master's Theses Directed:
        Courtney Hubbart, "Ties That Bind: Chivalric Loyalty in the Late Twelfth Century according to Major Angevin Chroniclers." Thesis, TTU, 2015.
        Katelin Dixon, "Perfecting Perfection: An Analysis of the Redefinition of Franciscan Identity and the Concept of Evangelical Perfection in the Mid-Thirteenth Century. Thesis, TTU, 2013.
        Justin Kirkland
, "From Rite to Right: How Holy Days Became a Natural Right in Medieval England." Thesis: TTU, 2013 [honored as TTU Graduate School's "Outstanding Thesis in the Humanities," 2013].
        Jacob Lackner
, "J
ews through Christian Eyes: The Jewish ‘Other’ in Thirteenth-Century Papal Documents, Artwork, and Sermons." Thesis, TTU, 2012.
        James Green, "The Philosophy and Theology of John Scottus Eriugena as a Reflection of and Influence on Late Carolingian and Post-Carolingian Society:  Inherent Conjunctions and Disjunctions between Theory and Practice." Thesis, TTU, 2010.
        Johnathan  Edgeller, "
Taking the Templar Habit: Rule, Initiation Ritual, and the Accusations against the Order." Thesis, TTU, 2010.
        Jason Price, "The Generalship of Alexius I Comnenus."  Thesis, TTU, 2005.
        Robert J. Jensen, "Philip Melanchthon's View of Salvation in Relation to That of Bernard of Clairvaux ." Thesis, TTU, 2000.
        Leif Errol Pierson, "Evidence for Viking Disruption from Early Norman Histories and Commemorations of Saints." Thesis, TTU, 1999.
        Patrick Henry Maille, "Early Christianity and the Family." Thesis: TTU, 1998.
        Kenneth A. Malcolm, "Death's Reflection of Life: A Study of Italian Hagiographical Representations of Death in the Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Centuries." Thesis, TTU, 1991.

Non-Thesis Masters Degrees Directed:
        Mathew McGraw (2006); Beverly English (2004); Lisa Fields (2002);
Thomas H. Payton (1998); Cynthia Rosser (1994).

Committee Member for Successfully Completed Doctoral Students:
        Alexis Milmine (English, 2019);;Katherine Scherff (Fine Arts Doctoral Program, 2019);.Kathryn L. Jasper (University of California Berkeley, 2011);Travis Childs (2008); Michael Lynn Houck (2004); Tiffany M. Haggard Fink (2003); William S. Clayson (2002); Memet Yetisgen (2000); R. Blake Dunnavent (1998); Dan B. Wimberly (1995): Susan Jean Dickey (1993); Dennis Williams (1992); Richard Devaux (1990); David W. Marshall (1989).

Committee Member for Successfully Completed Masters Students:
        Juan Vela (2019); Ethan Dodson (2018, internship report, Forensic Science); Joseph Anselmi (non-thesis, 2012); Corey Ashcroft (non-thesis, 2007); Tiffany Ziegler (2005);  Michael Lynn Houck (1998); Memet Yetisgen (1996); Jeffrey Lance Vanzant (1993), Mary Margaret Haraden (1993); R. Blake Dunnavent (1992); Megan Lora Hickerson (1991); David Lee Null (1991); Dennis Williams (1989), Janet Marie Millson Fortner (1987); Anna L. Morales (1985).

Interdisciplinary Masters Committees:
        Lori Rodriguez (2014); Melissacarin Wanner (Chair, 2010); Kelly McGinty (2004); David Aranda (2001).

Current Active Doctoral Committees:
        Brooke Bartosch (Chair); Jenna Domeischel; Devin Fields; Mengesha Endalew; Karen Milmine (Chair); Olga Delgadillo Posazhennikova (Chair).

Current Active Masters Committees:
        Micah Austin; Savannah Burns (Chair); Jessica Tharp (Chair) .

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