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Wetland ecology lab  Dr Griffis-Kyle     Desert Bighorn

My research and that of my students generally focuses on how anthropogenic disturbance affects populations and communities of organisms and their relationships to ephemeral wetlands and how we can use that information in conservation planning. We use interdisciplinary approaches to address management driven research questions in arid and semi-arid regions. Additionally, I strongly believe that any research program is enhanced by including and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds who often bring varied approaches and ideas to research. I genuinely enjoy working with both graduate students and undergraduates as they begin their scientific careers.

Classes Taught

NRM 3407 Wildlife Techniques  Cleaning up after small mammal trapping NRM 3407 2012

NRM 2307 Diversity of Life (3 credits)
Principles of evolution, genetics, and biodiversity as related to the conservation and management of natural resources. This course will examine issues of biodiversity from the level of the genes to the level of the biosphere. Fulfils Texas Tech University General Education Requirement. Offered in Spring Sememsters and occasionally in the first summer semster.

NRM 3407 Plant Inventory and Wildlife Techniques (4 credits)
Basic methodology of practical of plant and wildlife sampling and research. Offered every Fall semester

NRM 4324 Tropical Ecology and conservation (3 credits)
urvey of tropical ecology and conservation in Costa Rica - offered summer 2019. Check it out here!

NRM 4301 Tropical Avian Ecology (3 credits)
Study of the birdlife of tropical ecosystems. Focus on recording observations in a field notebook, identification and behavior. Some summers.

NRM 5307 Wetland Ecology (3 credits)
Advanced study in the structure and functioning of wetland ecosystems; including current literature on ecology and management of wetlands. Fall odd years

Workshops coordinated (NRM 6002):
  Information Theory for the Life Sciences (1 credit)
  Modeling Species Occurrences (1 or 2 credits)
  Fire Science and Policy (3 credits)

Lab Activites and Updates

TWS Portland 2012  Rasika Ramesh graduating with her MS 2012  2012 Crew members BMGR

Dr Matt Vanlandeghem recieving a COW from WT-AWIS Dr Griffis-Kyle and the Texas Brigades

Field trip to the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument

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Dr. Kerry Griffis-Kyle

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