November 2014 - Dr. Findlater presents at the ACS SWRM in Forth Worth (

November 2014 - Mariah Deardorff joins the group, welcome Mariah!

October 2014 - Lydia Kong and Zach Sumner join the group as undergraduate researchers, welcome Lydia and Zach!

July 2014 - Neha receives a Student Travel Award from the American Chemical Society, Division of Inorganic Chemistry. Neha will use this award to attend the upcoming ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, congratulations Neha!

July 2014 - Andrew presents his final research summary at the WSSP poster session, bon voyage Andrew!

June 2014 - Andrew Stone will join the lab as part of the Welch Summer Scholars initiative, welcome Andrew!

April 2014 - Melanie Sanford presents the 14th annual Henry J. Shine Lecture Series

April 2014 - Ashleigh receives the Jerry L. Mills Memorial Endowed Scholarship - congratulations Ashleigh!

March 2014 - Laci, Ashleigh and Professor Findlater all present at the 247th ACS National Meeting in Dallas, TX.

March 2014 - The ORDMOC website goes live! (Link)

February 2014 - Laci’s paper is accepted in Spectrochimica Acta Part A! (Link)

January 2014 - Francis publishes a paper in Synthesis! (Link)

December 2013 - Neha publishes a paper in Organometallics! (Link)

November 2013 - Greg publishes a paper in Inorganic Chemistry! (Link)

October 2013 - Professor Findlater gives an invited seminar at Fort Lewis College.

September 2013 - Ashleigh receives a prestigious Undergraduate Research Fellowship, well done Ashleigh!

August 2013 - The Findlater group welcomes Stefan Schunemann, supported by the German DAAD program, welcome Stefan!

August 2013 - Gene and Laci publish a second structure in Acta Cryst. E!

July 2013 - Gene and Laci publish one of their crystal structures in Acta Cryst. E!

July 2013 - Neha and Laci present research posters at OMCOS 17 in Fort Collins

July 2013 - Francis and Renzo attend the CENTC Summer School in Seattle

July 2013 - Gene and Sumarth complete their stint as Welch Summer Scholars, best of luck!

July 2013 - The Findlater group welcomes Dr. Sandun Perara as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Sandun!

June 2013 - The Findlater group welcomes two new Welch Summer Scholars: Sumarth Mehta and Gene Hsu. Welcome!

May 2013 - The Findlater group welcomes Dr. Renzo Arias-Ugarte as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Renzo!

May 2013 - Ashleigh receives the Robert C. Goodwin Memorial Endowed Scholarship. Congratulations Ashleigh!

April 2013 - The Findlater lab has received funding from The Welch Foundation to study catalysis which employs the base metals. Many thanks to the Welch Foundation and its donors.

April 2013 - Greg successfully defended his dissertation! Congratulations Dr. McGovern!

April 2013 - Graduate Recruitment at the ACS-National Meeting in New Orleans.

April 2013 - Professor Findlater, Laci and Alfonzo all presented posters at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans. Some pictures below:

March 2013 - Dr. Findlater presents a lecture “The Energy Crisis: Domestic Resources for Domestic Needs” to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

March 2013 - Adebola presents his talk at the Inorganic Divisional Seminar

January 2013 - Adebola Oyefusi joins the group, welcome!

December 2012 - Neha passed her divisional seminar, congratulations Neha!

November 2012 - Our new NMR spinner gadget has been installed in the lab!

November 2012 - Francis passed his divisional seminar, congratulations Francis!

October 2012 - Ashleigh Smith joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher, welcome Ashleigh!

October 2012 - Christian’s research visit ends and he leaves us to return to his studies in Germany mit besten Wünschen!

September 2012 - Dr. Findlater agrees to co-advise the TTU ACS-Student Affiliates (with Dr. Casadonte)

August 2012 - Christian Fischer joins the group, supported by the German DAAD program, welcome Christian!

August 2012 - The group welcomes graduate students Laci Singer and Greg McGovern and undergraduate student Daryl Cooke to the lab!

July 2012 - Ellie presents her summer research as a Welch Summer Student, goodbye and best wishes Ellie!

June 2012 - Dr. Findlater accepts an invitation to join the Editorial Board of the ISRN Journal “Inorganic Chemistry”

June 2012 - Ellie Reynolds joins the group as our first Welch Summer Scholar, welcome Ellie!

June 2012 - Alfonzo Sanchez joins the group, supported by the NIH Plains Bridges program, welcome Alfonso!

May 2012 - Our inert atmosphere glovebox and solvent purification system have been installed.

May 2012 - The Findlater lab will host two summer researchers: one student will be supported by the NIH Plains Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program ( and the other by the Welch Summer Scholar Program (

May 2012 - Equipment is being moved into the lab space and cleaning has commenced apace!

Apr. 2012 - The Findlater lab will host a German exchange student through the DAAD Rise Worldwide program (DAAD)

Mar. 2012 - Construction is under way on our permanent lab space (estimated move in date is May 5th).

Jan. 2012 - Dr. Claire Jahier joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher, welcome!

Dec. 2011 - Inching towards a functioning group! (Pictured: Our new glovebox and solvent purification system)

Dec. 2011 - We have moved into temporary space until our permanent lab is renovated.

Nov. 2011 - Francis & Neha join the research group.

Sep. 2011 - The group’s webpages are up and running!