April 2016 - The Welch Foundation renews our grant for 3 more years

April 2016 - The Findlater Group receives an NSF CAREER grant

April 2016 - Michael gives invited seminars at TCU, SMU and UT-Dallas

March 2016 - Michael gives invited seminars at NC State and UNC

March 2016 - Neha, Anu and Dr. Findlater all make presentations at the ACS National Conference in San Diego, CA

February 2016 - Michael gives an invited seminar at UT-San Antonio

February 2016 - The Findlater Group’s new Mossbauer instrument is installed!

December 2015 - Ashleigh and Anu’s paper on the hydrosilylation of carbonyl groups is accepted for publication in Polyhedron - great work!

November 2015 - Renzo’s work on the dimerization of cyclolefins is published in Energy&Fuels - Congratulations Renzo!

November 2015 - Neha publishes her work on alkyne isomerization chemistry in Molecules - Congratulations Neha!

October 2015 - Francis’ work on hydrosilylation is published in Organometallics - Congratulations Francis!

October 2015 - Dr. Findlater presents at Cowley Fest III - in honour of the retirement of his graduate advisor, Professor Alan H. Cowley

September 2015 - Sara Shafiei-Haghighi joins the group as a graduate student researcher, welcome Sara!

September 2015 - Dr. Findlater presents seminars at the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi

August 2015 - Neha returns from a successful summer internship at Bayer (now Covestro), welcome back!

July 2015 - Dr. Findlater presents at the Organometallics Gordon Conference in Newport, RI

June 2015 - Roman Hodson joins the group as a graduate student researcher, welcome Roman!

April 2015 - Professor Christina White is hosted by the Findlater group, Christina is the 15th Henry J. Shine Lecturer

April 2015 - Ashleigh is named the 2015 Outstanding Graduating Senior, well done Ashleigh!

Findlater group undergraduate researchers Eric and Flor were also recognized at the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department’s Annual Awards Ceremony. Graduate student Neha Phadke was also recognized for her Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship award. Congratulations and well done to all!

March 2015 - Laci successfully defends her dissertation - congratulations Dr. Singer!

March 2015 - Renzo and Francis have their paper accepted for publication in Tetrahedron Letters! (Link)

March 2015 - Neha is awarded the prestigious Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship award from the Graduate School at Texas Tech University. Congratulations Neha!

February 2015 - Dr. Findlater receives the Hemphill-Wells New Professor Excellence in Teaching Award. Many thanks to The Texas Tech Parents Association for this award.

January 2015 - Eric Sikma and Flor De Jesus Martinez join the group, welcome!