Nancy E. McIntyre, Ph.D.

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Born and raised in South Carolina (you know you're from SC here), youngest of 3 children.  Westernmost member of the clan.  Father was a high school football coach and athletic director, mother was a secretary and taught clerical skills.  Older of two elder brothers is a retired Air Force officer, currently living in IN.  Other brother is a retired high school English teacher, living in NC.  Best friend (retired high school teacher/principal) lives in Columbia, SC.

I've been an academic gypsy, so I've lived in both Carolinas, Georgia, Colorado, Arizona, South Dakota, and Texas.  I've lived in Lubbock and been on the faculty of TTU since 2000.  I've traveled throughout the U.S. and have also been to Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Kenya. You can check out my Flickr albums of photos from Kenya here (2023); Panama here (2022) and here (2021); and from Costa Rica here (2018), here (2017), and here (2015).

Interests & activities (in no particular order):

Broad-billed Hummingbird, male
Broad-billed Hummingbird, Ramsey Canyon
Elegant Trogon, male
Elegant Trogon, South Fork, Cave Creek
Montezuma Quail, male
Montezuma Quail, Cave Creek Ranch
Wester Screech-owl
Western Screech-owl, Portal
Whiskered Screech-owl
Whiskered Screech-owl, Ramsey Canyon
Band-tailed Pigeons
Band-tailed Pigeons, Cave Creek Ranch
Bronzed Cowbird, male
Bronzed Cowbird, Cave Creek Ranch
Arizona Woodpecker
Arizona Woodpecker, Ash Canyon (Mary Jo Ballator's place)
Black-throated Sparrow
Black-throated Sparrow, Cave Creek Ranch