HEAF fund for drones from TTU Provost’s office is accepted

Feb 10, 2019

Drones for all

In this project, we proposed to use drones for various appplications:

  • Augmented Reality: Goal is to put viewers into drone pilot seat for real-time viewing via multiple devices
  • Bridge and Highway inspection: image analysis for sustaining infrastructures
  • Precision Agriculture: Aerial images captured by drone can give information that is hard to access
  • Resilient Control: Design a safe and efficient controller for group of drones to be resilient for disruptions
  • Visual and Performing Arts: Publicize TTU STEAM, Use for first year common engineering course
  • Parking enforcement and other campus surveillance: Advance security research to assist TTU community

Higher Education Assistance Funds: Fiscal Year 2019 requests should focus on large, multi-user pieces of equipment that will augment research and graduate education. Joint proposals representing departments and programs across multiple colleges will be of particular interest. Partnerships committing some cost-sharing toward the equipment will have an advantage, as will proposals that indicate how the equipment could be incentive. These requests should exclude items that would more appropriately be addressed by Facilities Allocation Council as capital improvement projects (normally involving renovations or other construction).

The work is in collaboration with:


  • Himel Das, PhD student, Department of Computer Science, Texas Tech University
  • Lin Ho, PhD student. Department of Computer Science, Texas Tech University