Electrical and Computer Engineering


Following are some of the equipment we routinly use for material synthesis, device microfabrication, and characterization

Material Growth

K J Lesker PVD 75 Sputtering Machine  Seki Microwave Plasma Enhanced CVD MBraun Glove Box with Evaporator
Tube Furnace
MTI CEM MIcrowave
Tube Furnace CVD System MTI Split-able Tube Furnace CEM Microwave Synthesis System

Device Fabrication

ICP Etching System

Spin Coater

Dicing Machine

Mask Aligner & Exposure Systems

Cleanroom Oven

Wire Bonder

e-beam Evaporator

Plasma Asher

Material and Device Characterization

XRD SEM and e-beam Lithography UV/Vis/IR Spectrophotometer
Tube Furnace
MTI CEM MIcrowave

Solar Simulator

Probe Station

Surface Profilometer

IPCE Measurement Kit

I-V Measurement System

C-V Measurement System

Potentiostat/EIS Electrochemical Station

Hall Measurement System

Other equipment for material studies and microfabrication, such as TEM, FIB, XPS, XRD, AFM, Micro Raman/FTIR, DSC/TGA, Micropore Analyzer, etc., are available from The Material Characterization Center