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You know you're from South Carolina when...

  1. You know what a Sandlapper is.
  2. You know that USC doesn't stand for that school in southern California.
  3. You know that Carolina doesn't stand for that state to the north.
  4. You know what a red-dot store is (it's the same as an ABC store).
  5. You know that chitlins and okra strut, but catfish stomp.
  6. You have been known to eat boiled p-nuts from a roadside stand. (Speaking of boiled peanuts, have you seen this video of Californians trying SC food? Hilarious!)
  7. You know where the Lowcountry, Midlands, and Upstate are. (From Billy Willis, thanks!: And the Pee Dee!)
  8. You know what benne wafers are (at least if you're from the Lowcountry).
  9. You know that Fort Sumter is not actually in Sumter.
  10. You know who the Swamp Fox was and what he did for our country.
  11. You know what frogmore stew is, and that it doesn't have any frogs in it.
  12. You know how to properly pronounce Lake Jocassee, Socastee, Wofford, Sumter, and Clemson.
  13. You know what sea oats are and why you shouldn't pick them.
  14. After Austin Powers, you're kinda embarrassed about the name of the state dance.
  15. You know what Spoleto is but have probably never attended it.
  16. You know that if you want to eat elephant ears, you have to go to the fair.
  17. You run over fire ant mounds with the lawnmower. Every weekend.
  18. You know who Rudy Mancke, Mr. Knozit, and Joe Pinner are (for Sandlappers of a certain age). (Bonus points if you remember how to “crank up the cartoon machine”!)
  19. When snow or ice are forecast, you immediately go to the grocery store to buy milk and bread…even if you don't eat milk or bread.
  20. Admit it: you smile when you see Pedro at South of the Border (in Dillon).
  21. You know what “scattered and smothered” means (and where you would use that terminology).
  22. You've had a chili-slaw dog. Mmmm...
  23. If you're from the Midlands, this is what BBQ looks like (hash over rice, and mustard-based sauce):

A few from Sally Scholle (thanks!):

  1. If you're from Columbia, you know what are "guaranteed the worst in town" (Cromer's Peanuts). (And Sandlappers of a certain age may remember that the store in Dutch Square Mall had live monkeys!)
  2. Cromers Peanuts
  3. You know what the stars on the side of the State House mean (where cannonballs hit during the Civil War).
  4. For Sandlappers of a certain age: you remember that the big black door at Riverbanks Zoo used to go underneath the polar bear exhibit.
  5. You know what Zesto's is and exactly what to order. (If you’ve never had a pimento cheeseburger, do yourself a favor and try one!)

Some from Chuck France (thanks!):

  1. You know that Caesar’s Head is not a bust in a museum.
  2. You know what a sweet grass basket is and why it costs so much.
  3. For Sandlappers of a certain age: you know what year the mill in your town closed down.

Some from Sherrie Gunn (thanks!):

  1. You know what the Gay Dolphin is (a gift shop at the beach).
  2. You have gotten a speeding ticket in Turbeville or McBee (or both!) on your way to Myrtle Beach.
  3. You know why our state flag features a palmetto tree and a silver crescent.
  4. You know why houses in downtown Charleston have a faux front door that opens onto a porch. (Houses were taxed based on the width of the side facing the street.)
  5. You know where to find a Peachoid (the water tower in Gaffney on I-85).
  6. You know where you can get a free doughnut when the Hot Light is on! (At least at SOME locations that are still righteous…I can tell you that the Krispy Kreme in Harrod's (London) does NOT honor this tradition!)

A couple from Tina Staub (thanks!):

  1. You know that the yellow jessamine is our beautiful state flower (and not to suck on them like honeysuckle, because they’re poisonous!).
  2. You know what our state dog is (Boykin Spaniel). (Speaking of Boykin, y’all should really try to attend the Boykin Christmas Parade, it’s a hoot! Check out a few of my photos from the 2005 parade below.)

And finally:

  1. You're proud to be a Sandlapper!

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Many floats at the Boykin Christmas Parade tossed candy to the spectators
Many floats at the Boykin Christmas Parade tossed candy to the spectators. The local septic tank cleaning service tossed rolls of toilet paper!
The Boykin Christmas Parade's Fat Back Queen
The Boykin Christmas Parade's Fat Back Queen and her (uh, his) court.